Sister Events


The school will be co-located with the Twenty Years of the Price of Anarchy (20PoA) workshop, a celebratory meeting aiming to chart out the impact of the price of anarchy in game-theoretic thinking.

Entrance to the 20PoA event will be free to all ACAI-2019 participants!

12th PLS

Right before ACAI-2019/HAISS-2019, the Twelfth Panhellenic
Logic Symposium (PLS) will take place in Anogeia, Crete, from 26 to 30
June, 2019, organized by the University of Crete.

The Panhellenic Logic Symposium is a biennial scientific event,
established in 1997, which aims to promote interaction and
cross-fertilization among different areas of logic. Over the years,
the PLS has evolved into an international forum for the communication
of state-of-the-art advances in logic, being open to researchers
worldwide who work in logic broadly conceived.

The second call for papers has been announced and the deadline for
submissions is March 31, 2019.

This year, the symposium’s scientific program will consist of
hour-long invited talks, tutorials and presentations of accepted
contributed papers and posters. In particular, there will be special
sessions on Computer Science, Model Theory, Philosophy and Set Theory.
Moreover, there will be a “Poster and Mentoring Session”, aimed at
graduate students and young researchers.

For more information on the call for papers, registration,
accommodation, transportation, as well as funding opportunities,
please stay tuned to the event’s webapge:

Other interesting upcoming Events

1. PASS-2019 “Policy, Awareness, Sustainability and Systems” workshop
Next Generation Research Challenges for Computation IS Research in Energy, Mobility, and Sustainable Economy Energy Economics Institute, University of Cologne, July 25th & 26th 2019.

2. The 2019 Power Trading Agent Competition (TAC)

Power TAC models the high complexity of contemporary and future retail electricity markets, allowing for large-scale experimentation.

PowerTAC-2019 finals: July 1 – July 16, 2019

The Awards Ceremony will be held at PASS-2019.