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Public Transportations – getting to the venue

For public transportation in Chania, you can use Urban Buses.
We will have dedicated buses coming directly to the venue. Dedicated buses will display the line number 23, or occasionally 18. Our volunteers will be available at departure points on Monday 01/07 and Tuesday 02/07 to guide you.
Monday 01/07:
departure from Agora Square at 08:40
departure from the venue at 17:30
Tuesday 02/07, Wednesday 03/07 and Thursday 04/07:
departure from Agora Square at 08:50 and 09:20
departure from the venue at 18:00 and 19:00
Friday 05/07:
departure from Agora Square at 08:50 and 09:20
departure from the venue at 17:00, 19:00 and 21:00
In case you miss the dedicated buses, or just want to be more flexible, the venue area is accessible from bus line 18 “Kounoupidiana”, which departs every 30 minutes.
Line 18 “Kounoupidiana” has two bus stops outside of University Campus, at the University Gate (right before the traffic lights) and at “Chalkiadakis SuperMarket”, near the PEM School (Point C in the map of the venue area). Our volunteers will also be at these bus stops on Monday 01/07 and Tuesday 02/07 to guide you to the venue. The Science Building, where ACAI-2019/HAISS-2019 is held, is a 10-minute walk from both bus stops.
Also, line 18 has multiple bus stops after the University, at Kounoupidiana town, where there are several places for lunch (nearby town highlighted on the map).
Bus Fares:
Regular Ticket: 1.70 euro (ticket bought inside bus 2.50 euro)
Student Ticket (need to show your student id card): 1.20 euro (ticket bought inside bus 2.00 euro)
Please buy your tickets in advance. Tickets purchased inside the bus are more expensive, and it is more time consuming for everyone.
You can purchase bus tickets either from ticket machines right next to most bus stops or from information desks and kiosks. Ticket machines are available outside the University Campus (near the PEM School, Point C on map), Agora Square and 1866 Square, among other places. Information desks are available at Agora Square and 1866 Square.
More information on Chania Urban Buses
Chania City Bus app, with routes information and live feed on buses location, is available for Android

Taxi Services

If you need more flexibility for your transfers during your stay at Chania, you can book or call one of the local taxi services.

You can find some information below:


Telephone: +30 6946650027
24/7 Telephone: +30 6977573642


Telephone: +30 28210 98700

Additional contact numbers:
+30 2821098770
+30 2821094144
+30 2821098701
Information (email):
Bookings (email):


Telephone: +30 28210 94300

Venue Area Map

Here is a map of the venue area, the Technical University of Crete and the nearby town. In the campus area, we have highlighted the points of interest and the route from the venue building to the restaurant and the exit


School Welcome Reception on Monday July 1

The Welcome Reception of ACAI-2019/HAISS-2019 will be held at Sinagogi Bar, located in the Old Town of Chania.

Sinagogi Bar is housed in a 15th-century Venetian building that is located right next to the Etz Hayyim Synagogue.
The Etz Hayyim Synagogue remains the sole Jewish monument in the Island of Crete after the virtual eradication of the Jewish community in 1944 and was rededicated in 1999 by Nicholas Stavroulakis.

The Sinagogi Bar building itself is believed to have been used in the past by the local Jewish community as its aqueduct and baths, as well as its school.
The building was bombed in the Second World War, hence the reason for not having a roof! It was in ruins before renovated into the Sinagogi Bar in 1995.
A second smaller bar exists inside the building, and its architecture allows both bars to work at the same time without sound cross-interference.

The beer to be served during the Welcome Reception is a fresh, unfiltered and unpasteurized lager made in Chania.
The wine to be served is a dry white one, of the grape variety “Moschofilero”, produced in the Peloponnese region of Nemea, aromatic and with a fruity taste!…

School Dinner on Wednesday July 3

The ACAI-2019/HAISS-2019 School Dinner will be held at the “Neoria” fish tavern at the Old Harbour, Wednesday, July 3.
Arrival time: 21:00.…

Important announcement for Greece-based students

Due to technical issues at EETN’s site, applications for EETN membership and fee waivers for the School received after April 5 might not have gone through or processed. Thus, please *submit requests for EETN grants along with a short CV (and, if you are not an EETN member, an application to become one, mentioning one referee) directly to , by next Friday 19/4. If you are a Greece-based student, you are well advised to submit such a request for EETN funding, even if you have submitted an application for a EurAI grant.