Sarvapali Ramchurn

University of Southampton, UK

Prof. Sarvapali Ramchurn is a Professor of Artificial Intelligence, Turing Fellow, and Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology. He is based in the Department of Electronics and Computer Science at the University of Southampton, where he carries out research into the design of Responsible Artificial Intelligence for real-world socio-technical applications including energy systems, disaster management, and crowdsourcing. His research involves applying techniques from Machine Learning, Data Science, and Game Theory. He has won multiple best paper awards for his research and is a winner of the AXA Research Fund Award for his work on Responsible Artificial Intelligence. He is an advisor to the Open Innovation Team at the Cabinet office and Chief Scientist at North Star Solar Ltd. He has pioneered the development of AI-based disaster response systems using multi-UAV systems, AI-driven large-scale battery management for smart grids, and an AI bot that outperformed more than 5M human players (top 0.7%) in the English Premier League Fantasy Football Tournament. His papers have been cited more than 6000 times (according to Google scholar) and his work has featured in various media including BBC News, New Scientist, Sky News, BBC Click, and Wired. He is originally from Mauritius and is interested in promoting applications of AI in developing countries.