Dimitris G. Angelakis

Technical University of Crete, GR

Dimitris Angelakis is an Associate Professor in the School of ECE, Technical University of Crete. He did his PhD in Imperial College in Quantum Optics on a State Scholarship from Greece (2002), followed by a research fellowship by St Catharines College at the University of Cambridge, Department of Applied Maths and Theoretical Physics and the Centre for Quantum Computation. He is known for his works in quantum optical implementations of quantum computing and as a pioneer of quantum simulations with light-matter systems. His research has received several awards including the 2018 Google Quantum Innovation Award for quantum simulations of exotic materials, the Valerie Myescrough Award from the University of London, and the Institute of Physics UK, Quantum Electronics and Photonics Thesis Prize. He is serving in different academic and national scientific advisory bodies including the European National Quantum Network of the EU Quantum Technologies Flagship. He is also a Principal Investigator at the Centre for Quantum Technologies in Singapore leading the Quantum Simulators and Quantum Optics Group.

website: www.dimitrisangelakis.org